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If I Became President

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking the last few days about what kind of policies I would put in place, and what kind of things I would try to accomplish if, in some alternate universe, I became president. Well I have ideas, and I don’t know if all of them are good or feasible, but all the same I thought I could share them with you. As my wonderful readers, I’d really love your feedback and I’d love to hear what kinds of policies you would put in place if you ever became president.

No doubt being president is stressful. You’re entrusted with running an entire nation, and one of the most powerful nations in the world, at that. No president has ever gone through a presidency without an insane amount of criticism and scrutiny. The haters just come with the territory. Difference of opinions and beliefs is what makes the world go around, and here’s where I stand on a few things:

  • We need a better system of education. First things first, get rid of this common core crap. Next, we need to stop throwing 30 random students together in a room and teaching them all in the same way and testing them all in the same way. We need to test students first to see how they learn best. Some people are hands on learners, some people learn by written word, some people learn things visually. We can’t give 1000 students the exact same test and expect it to be a good measure of what they’ve learned all year, since no two brains are the same, and nobody learns at the same pace.
  • Homeless veterans need our help. I would propose a system where we take away some of the privileges that are given to those in prisons and use those funds to build shelters and provide meals for homeless veterans. Our own military doesn’t get 3 hot meals a day anymore, but we give rapists and murderers 3 meals a day and a bed, no questions asked. Prisoners aren’t even expected to pay for their stay in prison. For some, prison is a welcome change from living on the streets. We cannot allow this system. Prisoners should be charged to be locked up. They did the crime, they should have to pay the bill, and they shouldn’t get as many comforts as we give them.
  • We should be giving wasted food to the homeless and less fortunate. I currently work for a company that wastes an astronomical amount of food. If someone holds an event there,  all the leftover food at the end of the day is simply thrown out. I feel that we should box it up on dry ice, and ship it to homeless shelters, and even to third world countries where resources are scarce.
  • Global warming is real. There’s mountains of scientific evidence that we are destroying our climate. We need to spend time and money finding practical ways to bring renewable resources to the masses, or our grandchildren will be paying dearly for our mistakes and overuse of fossil fuels.
  • The government shouldn’t be touching abortion issues at all. I, personally, am pro-life for myself, but I’m pro-choice for the public. Basically, I would never be able to live with myself if I got an abortion, so I won’t do it. But I understand that ever woman has the right to choose what she wants for herself, and I would never belittle her, or stand in her way of getting an abortion if she chose that. Nobody should be able to tell anybody what they can or can’t do with their own body.
  • Fund Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood does not just provide abortions. In fact, that’s only about 2% of what the provide to the public. They provide sex education, and women’s health services (such as exams, pap smears, and contraceptives). For the sake of women who can’t afford these services without the help of Planned Parenthood, we need to bring back funding for this organization.
  • We need to get our noses out of other countries’ business. America loves to roll out the guns and force democracy on any country that we think needs it. Unless a country asks for our help, we shouldn’t be putting our noses where they don’t belong. I understand that many of the interference happens because we want access to more oil. My previous proposal to fund renewable resources would also help in this area. More renewable energy = less of a need for oil.
  • We don’t need gun control. Even if we screened people who wanted to buy guns, criminals would still get them. Heroin is illegal, but criminals buy that with no problem. Gun control would only increase the crime rate, because it would simply make criminals search for guns in illegal places. What we need is armed police officers guarding schools, government buildings, and other places of importance.
  • We need to remove drug users from prisons. Instead of wasting money and space on throwing drug users and dealers in prison, we need to have mandated rehab for them instead. Prison isn’t going to solve the problem. People in prison still find ways to access drugs, and when they get out, a good chunk of them go right back to using.
  • Term limits for senators. Nobody should have that much power in government for 30+ years. We need 4 year terms, just like the president, with the chance to re-elect for a second term, but no more than that.
  • Pay cut for senators. If they all took a pay cut, we could solve a lot of budget problems right there.

Please comment below and tell me your ideas. I’ve never been a huge fan of politics, but I am a fan of the people having fair an equal opportunities and I’d love to hear your opinions on the issues!

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