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Mom’s Super Laundry Soap DIY

I absolutely hate buying laundry detergent. The good stuff that actually gets the job done is expensive, and it seems to be the one thing we have to buy every other week. When it comes down to it, we were paying $7 every 2 weeks to buy laundry detergent. That may seem like a small amount, but it adds up fast and I’m all about saving money where I can. On average, people will spend $140 a year on liquid laundry detergent. With my recipe, I can make a year’s worth of laundry soap for around $30.

I recently decided to start making my own laundry soap, and I LOVE this stuff! It only takes 1 Tablespoon to do a full load, it smells INCREDIBLE, and it’s much cheaper than buying detergent already made. I’ll make a batch and it’ll last for a couple months, versus buying a bottle of liquid detergent which will last for two weeks.


2 bars Ivory soap

1 1/2 cups borax

1 1/2 cups Arm & Hammer washing soda

1 package Gain Fireworks in-wash scent booster (optional)


Start by grating the ivory soap bars using the fine side of a cheese grater. You want it to be in very small pieces, so you may want to run the soap through a food processor after you grate it to get the smallest texture.

Mix the grated ivory soap, borax, washing soda, and scent booster in a large bowl. I highly recommend mixing with your hands to completely break apart any chunks of borax or washing soda that may be clumped together. Mix until well combined.

Pour soap into a large jar or other container to store. Use 1 Tablespoon per load of laundry.

Notes: You can use Fels Naptha instead of Ivory soap if you prefer. Use only 1 bar if you choose to go that route. I prefer the Ivory soap, because it is gentler so it’s good for babies or sensitive skin, although it doesn’t treat stains as well as the Fels Naptha does.

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