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I’ve got a secret…

I suppose that by posting this blog it’ll no longer be a secret. Our family knows this, close friends know this, but the majority of our acquaintances do not. About 3 weeks ago I was shopping at Target (dangerous, I know). I really wanted this bottle of Pinot Grigio, but I hesitated. I hadn’t gotten my monthly visit from Aunt Flo (if you catch my drift), so I thought that there was a small chance that a baby was on board. I hadn’t had any symptoms that I had experienced with my boys, so I was pretty much convinced that there wasn’t a chance in hell that I was actually pregnant. All the same, I grabbed my bottle of wine and I grabbed a box of pregnancy tests. I figured rather be safe than sorry. 

So I get home, I pee on the stick, and I let it sit in the bathroom while I put away the groceries. I was just about to crack open that bottle and then I remembered that I needed to check the test first. So I went back into the bathroom and looked and…

Instant reaction? Hyperventilating. So of course I did what any sane woman does in this situation. I threw my shoes back on and went next door to Dollar General and I bought more tests. I took a Clearblue and then one of those cheap 88 cent tests. I paced around my living room for a good 3 minutes (set a timer so I wouldn’t be tempted to look early) and…

At this point, I was crying. I was in disbelief. I’m pregnant AGAIN! It feels like only yesterday that I had my youngest, who’s now 1 year and 7 months old. 

A couple days ago I had my first ultrasound and all is looking well with the new squish. 7 weeks and cooking perfectly! 

Stay tuned for “bumpdates” from me! 

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