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This Woman Won’t Protest

I am grateful that if I am hungry I can go to my pantry and cook something. I am grateful that I wasn’t sold into slavery as a child. I am grateful that I have been given countless opportunities for education and growth without restriction. I am grateful that I have access to medicine available should a need for it arise. I am grateful that I can sit at home with my family and not have to worry about whether or not a bomb is going to drop on my house. I am grateful that I live in a country where people can afford to waste hundreds on a plane ticket to fly to a city to protest just because they’re unhappy with the new man in charge (at least we have that kind of wealth). I am grateful that I have shoes and clothes. 

I will not protest because I already have so much more than most women are able to get all over the world. Instead, I will be GRATEFUL that I was given this life and count my lucky stars that I am an AMERICAN. 

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