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100 Layers of Liquid Lipstick Challenge

I did a challenge, you guys. I attempted to put 100 layers of liquid lipstick on my mouth. It felt disgusting, and looked chunky and weird. ANYWHO, here’s (open the link) the video, and I hope you enjoy! Don’t hate, just sit back and laugh!  

Anyone Want A Hoodie?

So today I designed these nifty hoodies and t-shirts and I’m offering them up for all of you lovely readers to purchase from Teespring. They come in either black, navy blue, or white, and feature the phrase “Boots and bacon are all I need.” Anyone who is a true bacon enthusiast should agree with this! …

Pecan & Brown Sugar Sweet Potato Casserole

Happy Holidays, y’all! I thought I’d try something a little different this year with the sweet potatoes. Usually I just sprinkle some cinnamon on them and marshmallows and throw them in the oven. But this year I decided to do something new and exciting! I know you all are prepping your Thanksgiving meals for tomorrow, …

Pumpkin Spice Chicken Sausage | WTF (What The Food) #1

I’m a pretty adventurous person. There really are very very few things that I won’t try, and this especially goes for food. I eat things that a lot of people don’t like. I’m a mega seafood enthusiast, I mean I’ll eat anything that was once living in the water, and I’ll eat it cooked or …
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